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NHCraft is a hardcore server, everything is allowed, but XRay and other mods and not hacking clients! Anyone can join, but make sure to hide your bases! Make allies and fight eachother. This is a brand new server, so the world is untouched! Be sure to register at the homepage to get news and updates!

NHCraft are using $ as the currency, to get rich, mine, kill, raid, and sell!

Will be made on the website, this is not our first priority! But it will come soon on a wiki page

Our Server:
Name: NHCraft
Mobs: true
PVP: true
Griefing: true
Raiding/Stealing: true
Slots: 72
Status: 24/7

We have many intresting plugins --- We are mostly known for having Factions, Factions is a very common and fun plugin to play with, You can claim your own land if you get killed enough others can claim over it, If you want you can shoot into your opponent's land with a TnT Cannon! All fun! (You never know, You may get good items from their base :) )

We also have a plugin called PvPTimer, This plugin allows you to go out and not be killed right as you go outside of the spawn. You get a hour to go around walking without dieing from people killing you!

We also have Votifier which lets you vote on any of the server listing sites for our server, and it gives you one Red Matter and one Dark Matter in game!

We do beleive we have some good staff on our side, We have some nice and happy staff, but we also have some strict and mean staff. You always need both to keep everything in line! We have these things called Helpers (before moderator), This rank lets you /tempban and /kick. Some people would call this a pre-moderator test.

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