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BoogaCraft | PVP | Towns | Shops | 24/7 | New | 16



We are a 16 slot Tekkit server looking for players! All of Tekkit's mods are enabled. We feature many of Bukkit's plugins such as Towny and iConomy.


Every player is encouraged to make their own town!
There is almost no limit to what you can do!
Feel free to join other people's towns!
Our staff is here to help.
We have proper anti-grief and backup systems, you are safe with us.
Our server is virtually lag-free.
No annoying applying for grey/whitelist.
We allow griefing OUTSIDE of towns.
PVP is enabled outside of towns and spawn areas.
NOTE: EE is disabled! If you are a lazy miner that depends on alchemizing and overpowerness, this server is not for you! (And no, I don't know if that word actually exists.

What we will not give you!

  • /tpa
  • /back

If there is a command you don't have access to, it is probably because you are not a member. To become one, post at

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