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PowaCraft Dedicated 24/7 Server! 16 Gigs Ram


Join Us On our great tekkit server we are paying 80$ a month just for you it is a 24/7 Dedicated server we are a good community and staff we have some awesome cool plugins that you will enjoy.

Plugins: Economy, MobDisguise, Lwc, NoLagg, Essentials, ChestShop, Factions And Much more plugins!

Staff Members: Admins: Angaturama, Chake198, Dr4agon, Santibart, Kasikit
Moderators: petrolhead98
Co-Owner: xXBurningEaglexX
Owner: Matthewbuon
(We Are Looking For Some Well Trained Staff Members)

Donators: AmbientSmoke, Chake198, 1019brick

Donations: You can donate to us by typing /buy Ingame and chosing your package
Rank Diamond 8$:
You Get to mobdisguise as a Zombie Pig and Chicken
You Get 30 Dark Mater Iname and 20 Low Voltage Solar Panels
You Get /kit Diamond you get to have acces to mk2 collecters and relays
You Get Diamond Prefix You get 10,000 Cash Ingame you get acces to lwc and have a lot less banned items!

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