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Kings of Tekkit


Welcome To Kings of Tekkit


We are Kings of Tekkit. We bring the best quality Factions! Its all about Raiding, PvP, building Huge bases and defending it from others, annihilate your enemies and become the biggest and best Faction on our Server.
Our Factions has been reworked to work like we want it to work with Tekkit Classic.
Which means Modded Items are protected In your land, but not from Nukes Tnt etc, Remember to build a safe base :)
We have either Nerfed or disabled most big EMC farms so you gotta build tons of Power Flower, Power Towers. There are no liimts on Energy Collectors. Small emc farms such as flax bonemeal can be used.
This is ofcourse something most people wont like, but we think it gives the server a more royal experience ;)


A very small amount of items will impact your gameplay (1 or 2)
Jump on the server go to /warp banned


World Anchors are allowed, but need to be obtained through Voting/Raiding/ING-Money
Factions PvP, Griefing, Raiding
If you become the richest player on the server you get a special rank as long as you stay the richest. This is a very unique feature that i belive nobody else has.
Ever wanted to make big money on Minecraft well we got loads of Casino games (Currently Roulette and coinflip)
Coinflip is a fun way to challenge a friend or an enemy, High risk High Reward
More coming soon!!

Now join and Become the BEST!!!!

Great server w a very on top of things owner
glad to play here
Posted 14th Jul 2018
Been playing since the 18th of june left a previous review but i thought i would make it a 5 start so i changed it. Played tekkit classic back in the day 5 years ago played alot of factions and now a days there are no pure faction servers and this is one. Its only factions so all the player base is people you can actually pvp fight raid etc.

Tldr Great server great community in such a short span of time
Posted 10th Jul 2018