This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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What makes us different?
We don't tolerate annoying players at all.
We don't have color coded nicknames that will probably cause epileptic fits.
We don't tolerate hacks. Caught hacking? Instant ban.
We silence those who spam.
We actually do our jobs.

Meridian is back, and hopefully staying up for a while longer now that I have addressed some issues in which needed fixing in the previous builds of this server. Please continue reading if you are interested in joining this server.

Griefing - Breaking things.
Raiding - Stealing things.
These are my definitions of these words.
They mean two different things.
Use them in MY context, not yours, to avoid confusion amongst us.

These are both allowed by the way, but do not raid any staff factions, or staff made areas of the map (such as spawn) to avoid any detrimental damage.

I'd like for you to be at least 15 years older or more.
I've been on servers that house 13 year olds and they all seem obnoxious.
You know the ones.
However, if you are younger than the age limit, please at least attempt to ACT like a 15 year old or older. I'm primarily rebooting this server for the fact that I'm pretty sure lots of Tekkit players are becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of older people on this game.

I do have a Skype to contact me when I or any of my staff are not on the server, however I will not randomly hand it out to you. You must provide a valid reason to add me on it, as I only have special people on my Skype that I always talk to.


  1. Absolutely no spamming.
    If you spam about your server or something else like your 'famous YouTube channel', or God forbid that you are from 'Planet Minecraft here to observe my server', you will be instantly BANNED. No exceptions.
  2. Do not talk back to me, or my staff.
    You know who you are, the people who get overly aggressive over games and at people on the internet.
  3. Do not Hack, Cheat, or replicate any glitches.
    If you find anything glitchy, or an exploit, please inform me IMMEDIATELY so that I may do my best to fix it for the good of playing fair, yes?
  4. Try to use proper grammar.
    ...This is hopefully self explanatory.
    I have difficulty (as well as hundreds of others) understanding
    sentencez tht r speld lyke dis. It's disgraceful, save it for your cellphone pals.
  5. Do not ask for staff.
    You will be muted.
  6. Do not ask for items.
    This is a survival server for a reason. If you're too lazy to get something like...I don't know, diamonds? Well then shame on you.
  7. If I deem you to be annoying, or don't like anything you're doing after I've asked you to stop, then I will do something about you. I don't know what, but whatever I do, you deserved it probably.
  8. Please do not ask to help staff.
    As nice as this is, I garuntee it's not because you're nice, but trying to be a suck-up for staff for us to give you things in game. We will ask you (all the players) if we need help doing something.
  9. Have fun.

If you couldn't tell, I'm not the funniest guy. I suffer from depression problems, but I also have a humorous side. It just takes a bit to come out.
Bear with me and we can make this ride joyful. Probably. Depends on how the dice roll on this one.

**Special note to Bronies/Furries/Any other fandom member:
I do not have a problem if you're a brony or furry, but please for my sanity and the sanity of others, please do NOT force your ideals upon others. I will mute you, and you will be temp banned if you continue to do it. I do not have a problem if you have a furry/brony skin or anything, but don't go shoving ponies/wolves into everyone's face please.

End note: Kick ass, and have fun.
Also did I mention nothing is banned but the items needed to dupe? There is a list of them on the spawn.

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