This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Engine Craft! [3.1.2] [protected areas] [LWC] [Fun


Welcome To Engine craft!

                                          Awesome Staff!

We have amazing staff that enforce the rules and help everyone to make
the server a much, much, better environment!
Owner: footballfan12
Owner: mikie12345
Mod : masonbramley
Mod: harrison_bramley

                                             Fair Rules:

                                      1. No Being Racist!
                               2. Dont use anned items!
                      3. Limit cursing/cussing/swearing please!
                       4. Dont hack/cheat you will be BANNED!
                            5. Bow to cameron and mikie :3
                    6. PVPing is allowed, but not the main goal.
                      7. Follow rule 3 or you will be banned!
                               8. No greifing or stealing.
                      9. APPOPRIATE conversations please
                               10. Be nice to everyone.
                                      11. HAVE FUN!!!
                           12. DONT ASK FOR RANKS!

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