This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Welcome To GeoCraft-Tekkit!
Use Economy To Work With Or For Other Players!
Make Machinery, With others! For FREE!
Buy Items In A Neat-Friendly Shop!

****Notice** [[ We have a whitelist at the moment due to recent bug's with the permissions ]]

Welcome to GeoCraft-Tekkit. We have factions, Arena's and even Economy! We provide a Grief-Free environment where all players can build safely and freely. Rules Consist Of:

-No directed Curse/Swear words
-No sexism, racism or homophobia
-Do not intentionally annoy Players
-Do not intentionally annoy Staff
-Do not Raid, Steal, Grief or damage builds
-Please talk English and please don't spam chat
-Do not use or craft Banned Items
-Do not abuse Rank powers or commands
-Do not dupe, exploit or abuse bugs
-NEVER advertise!!!

We do have banned items and here's What items are banned

Explosives (Nuke, Nova cataclysm, Nova catalyst, Dynamite, Sticky Dynamite, TNT, Industrial TNT, TNT Cart)
World Anchors (World Anchor, Anchor Cart, Dimensional Anchor, Teleport Tether)
Gem Armour (Abyss Helmet, Infernal Armour, Gravity Greaves, Hurricane Boots)
Balkans Weapon Mod (Blowgun, Musket, Blunderbuss, Cannon)
Tunnel Bore (And all addons)
Wireless Jammers and Rep's
Rings and Catalyst's (Void Ring, Ring of ignition, Zero ring, Black Hole band, Ring of arcana)
Hammers/Red matter tools (Red Katar, Red Morning Star, Red Matter Hammer, Dark Matter Hammer)
Tansmutation Tablets
E.E Amulets (Evertide Amulet, Volcanite Amulet)
*Black Hole Chest

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