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Nemo-Scape Tekkit [PvP] [No Auth] [Factions]


Brand new server

Server is available to play on all technic platform launchers, Yes even the ones you don't need a password for ;)
..... Still don't get it? It's a server meant to be played on with legitimate clients or cracked clients okay? So come play!
That being said, please use /register when you first login and /login from that point forward, if you don't use /register and /login you can't play, but no worries, it's really easy!

Not really any rules on this server. Just don't be an asshole and you're good.
No whitelist, and currently no blacklist, there's also no bluelist, so come play!


  • Factions
  • LoginSecurity
  • DynMap
  • Essentials

PvP Enabled!

Server was migrated 01/13/16

We have a teamspeak 3 server now @ !!

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