This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Mooshey Craft


You can steal from UNLOCKED chests.
No greifing
No spamming
No advertisement
No hacks
Mess with staff they mess with you
Owner: Bandito54 (He is awesome)
Co-owner: Jerimy (He likes rainbows)
Admin: Gmanjjk (No one knows who he is)
Admin: The_bugman (He is going to eat you)
Mod: Alloicious (No one really knows...)
You should join because we like to mess around and leave valuable items here and there. join so you can have fun. Plus you should bring your friends and family and everyone you know. Also if you tell Jerimy that unicorns poop rainbows then he will give you a stack of cookies!

Main plugins
Mooshey is a nice little server encouraging people to join.
Ip is Thats the ip...
Max server slots 20
I like elephants...

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