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CircleCraft! [0.6.5][PvE][20 Slots][Multi-Server][


Looking for a very relaxed community? Do you just want to build machines without worrying about grief? This server may be for you. CircleCraft will have it's second birthday soon, although the community may seem small. Rules are pretty straightforward, teleportation is instant, they allow you to set three homes, few items are banned to prevent grief. Quarries are banned in the overworld, however, they allow them in a separate "mining age" dimension that can be accessed through a portal at spawn. If you can show your skills and prove your worth, they allow you to access a lot of the banned items by granting you a rank known as "Veteran". Think you have what it takes? Then load up tekkit lite and prove it. Dynasties have yet to be overthrown. PvP is disabled.

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