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VICE - Small Tekkit server with adult owners and t


Whitelist removed.


If you're anything like my girlfriend and I, you've been playing minecraft for a long time. In that time you have belonged to many servers with many different owners and admins.

You have probably been trolled, flamed, abused, and frustrated with many of these admins and owners.

Why? Because they're mostly 12 year old snot nosed shitty kids with major self confidence deficiencies.

Sick of it? My girlfriend and I were! So we did the next best thing and created our own server!


-ADULT admins.

-All the major tekkit plugins you love.

-Some EE items disabled for the sake of balance. EE devs are nerfing the hell out of many of them anyways, so don't rage.

    -All DM/RM tools, weapons, and armor are banned.  This is a survival.         

-Grief prevention.

-Optional PvP.

-Did I mention adult admins? No shitty kids with more power than their limited maturity can handle.

-Open non-linear spawn, you'll be in the wilderness in seconds.

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