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Hey there, This is TimeMuffin, And this is my server, We focus heavily on fun and minigames, Factions and having a good time, We are one of the only servers
to have a creative world. We hope to see you on muffin craft soon ;)

Just copy and paste this staff aplication format to get started on your app (post apps in the comments)
Staff Application:
What is your in game name?
How old are you?
What is your Skype name?
Why do you want to help MuffinCraft?
How will you help the server?
What are your strong points IC2 etc?
How often are you on the server?
How long have you been playing?
How good are you at tekkit?
Are you staff on any other servers?

Answer these scenarios to prove that your good at moderating and helping

Steve has worked hard to get the minerals for a quarry, He crafts it and places it down in his claimed land and adds 2 steam engines he then flicks the switch and waits, He waited for 1 minecraft day and nothing happened, Explain why it didn't work and what he could do to make it work. Also for an extra point tell him some things to hep him in the future:

Jessica was in the PvP world, she was PvP-ing when suddenly her internet turned off. When it was back on again she was in jail for PvPLogging, She explained that her internet turned off and that shes sorry, What would you do in this situation?

Server specs:
6GB ram
Amd Fx8350 4.3Ghz
Sky broadband hosting
Home hosted (I try to make it 24/7)

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