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[B]GriefPrevention[/B] ensures that the worst griefers can do is minimal damage to the areas between claims and minor damage to newbie bases

[B]DynamicEconomy[/B] helps ease some of the grind, allowing you to buy raw resources rather than venture into your mines every 5 minutes

[B]InfiniKits[/B] allows new players to start out with some critical resources such as tree saplings, rubber tree saplings, wood tools and leather armor.

[B]NoLagg[/B] helps keep the server running smoothly even under the most intense loads

[B]PopulationDensity[/B] means that no matter how long the server is up, there will always be a place to build.

And [B]Cobain Backup[/B] means that no matter what happens, the server world will never have to be rolled back more than 24 hours.

[B]A few words of warning[/B]
First, this server is running on my own personal machine. With a 2.1GHz quad core processor and 4GB of RAM, it handles it fine, but because i don't quite know its limits the max player count will likely go down soon. if you would like to donate towards getting a real server, you can go to

Second, the server is INCREDIBLY new. The website isn't done yet, and the server may have some things misconfigured. I'll be doing my best to work out the kinks, so be patient.

Here's some images of spawn, the only building actually done.


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