This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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  • Whitelist
  • 24/7 true Deticated server
  • 6 Gigs of ram
  • IP: (wont work unless your whitelisted.)
  • Tekkit Lite with modpack

Us in a nutshell

All default Tekkit Lite mods are intact and you should be able to play on any default Tekkit Lite server even with our server's modpack equipped.

We are whitelisted so we take a lot of care in keeping the unwanted rabble out. If your a decent person with few or no marks on your account you should get in fine. Our community has always been kept good and helpful.

Staff is available most of the day, if no staff happens to be online you can drop a message about a problem on our forums and you should be assisted pretty quickly. As long as it isn't the middle of the night then one of our staff checks the forum or is online every hour.

This server was founded on the principle of being run better and bringing in new ideas and trying to go the extra step to stand out.

Why were different

  • Balanced, Helpful Staff (Need help with something? One of us will know.)
  • ZagCraft exclusive mod (Items only on our server)
  • A complete Banking and internet network (All run on CC)
  • Custom economy
  • Staff that listens to ideas of its community
  • Fair whitlisting and banning process
  • Monthly updates
  • Well made open world quests

Basic Rules

  • No greifing.
  • No player killing unless stated otherwise.
  • No stealing unless stated otherwise.
  • No chunkloaders
  • Show some Respect dawg
  • And other Generic whitlisting rules
  • Our rules have some more complicated 'guidelines' that arnt necessary for you to know unless it relates to you as well

Mods (Other then Tekkit Lite)

  • Advanced Solar Panels
  • Chicken Chunks
  • ExtraBees
  • Extra Biomes XL
  • Flan's Mod
  • Forestry
  • Gravisuite
  • IC2 Charge Pads
  • Immibis Peripherals
  • Iron Pressure Plates
  • Liquid XP
  • Manus Vehicle Packages for Flans Mod
  • Misc Peripherals
  • Open CC Sensors
  • Portal Gun
  • Railcraft
  • Secret Rooms Mod
  • Soul Shards
  • Thaumcraft
  • Thaumic Bees
  • Trail Mix
  • Traincraft
  • Twilight Forest

Noteable Plugins

  • Dynmap
  • CoreProtect
  • PEX
  • Essentials
  • OnTime
  • SimpleChestLock

To whitelist you must register on our FORUM and follow THIS THREAD [,5.0.html] to be whitelisted (Its not hard, it all takes less then 5 minuets)

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