This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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3.1.3 pvp Graylisted towny icomomy and mutch more


PC-2011's Server

Pictures coming soon

Server ip:

Server Rules

    Be Respectful
    No Greifing
    Don't ask Staff for Stuff
    Ban list is long we know we are going to change it
    On Death you will be ban for an hour
    Staff have lives and don't spend every waking hour playing so they don't know tekkit inside and out so don't ask them a million questions

Owner: (owner you know what they do)


Co-Owner: (right hand man for owner)

    Not sure have not found one

Head Admins: (Deals with big problems that owner dose not want to deal with)

    none apply

Admins: (Works for Head Admins mostly doing the same jobs as the Head Admins)

    none apply

Head Moderator: (The police Chef is the best way to think about it)


Moderators: (the cops of the server deal with some problems and spam the chat cause problems)


Builders: (build new things in the server like spawns and arenas)

    None apply

Privileged: Citizen will have no bans on items
Citizen: Basic player

Ban list can be found here (we update and change it often)

The server was build for me and a few friends but i had over done it and was well more suited for more then just 5 people

To apply for Build rights or to be promoted go to

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