This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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-Website: n/a
-Server Address/IP:
-Game Play Type/s: SMP, RolePlay
-Description: A small tekkit server with a kind community, I, an OP on the server am an expert in all fields of tekkit including all combinations of crops in IC2, if you want to learn anything in the server just ask for the OP TristanTroll, I will assist you whatever you need.
1) Do not kill a player who does not wish to fight
2) You will not grief
3) You will not use CAPS
4) Keep cussing to a minimum, we are understanding
5) Don't ask for staff, but that's pretty much self explanitory
-Server Hardware: 20 Slots - 3GB of RAM
-Plugins: Essentials, Lockette, Chest Shop, CoreProtect
-Owner/Admins/Moderators:Owner - Crazycam8 OPs - axson8, TristanTroll, djs#####,
-Pictures/Videos URL:
-Other: This is tekkit, you will need to download the technic launcher.

We're a pretty small community, and we appreciate good builders too, if you have skill, we might have you help out on a couple things under a close eye.
We build trust through stuff like this, we like talkers but not spammers, keep a good profile and you'll be rewarded. TristanTroll will help you, so will axson or the owner Crazycam8. For computercraft geeks we have HTTP enabled, and for all the peeps who love EE, it's all pretty much unbanned.

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