This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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  • Banned Items:
    Nukes reduced to size 12 explosion (default 45, TNT is 4 by default)
    Currently: Visit to view banned items

We are a full RAID / PVP / Grief server. We believe that PVP problems should have PVP solutions. We've taken what steps we can to block griefing/exploiting, but beyond that you're on your own!
If you find a glitch - use it and let us know! (We'll patch it out or block it - not ban/kick you unless it's used on Spawn)

We have no god moderators on the server
We do ask for some consideration for new players - cut them some slack please.

Keep chat clean - some cursing and such is fine, but don't harass / attack anyone personally please. Let's keep it positive.
No hacks (x-ray, fly mods, invisibility, etc)
No soliciting other servers
Spawn is protected - do not attempt to grief it (spawn can and will be rolled back and you will be IP banned.)
Complaints about players must be sent to and include photo/video evidence

  • All of the admins/mods are above 24. Have jobs, and some of them kids. They may not be online the whole time. Again - please feel free to reach out to if you need assistance

  • Mods Removed:
    Wireless Redstone

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