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Imus Lux


Global warming and a nuclear war on the poles has flooded the world, and civilization is back at the stone age. You are one of the few survivors in this vicious world, to survive you need to put to life the skills and technology the world had before the flood. As the resources are limited, the survivors find themselves in constant fights with other survivors. Will you make compromises of peace, hide in a cave and develop your technology there, live far out on the sea or defeat all those who oppose you? The choise is yours, this endless world of opportunities is just that; endless.

If you, like many other are tired of starting in a room filled with signs that tell you to do that and that; then this is the perfect server for you, the choises are yours as they should be.

  • 24/7 Survival server [PVE/PVP]
  • Essentials and Lockette plugins.
  • Griefing is on for realism, doors and chests can be locked, but both can be blown up with sufficient explosives.

Come join a world like non you've ever seen before!

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