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About tekkit restrict:

As many players might know, there's a glitch with a few items. We're manged to get those glitched fixed by a plugin call'd TekkitRestrict. That means that you can't use Redmatter furnace dupe glitch anymore, it will tell an admin if so ect.


Essentials 1.2.5 | BuyCraft 1.2.5 | Towny Advanced 1.2.5 | Group Manager 1.2.5 | TekkitRestrict 1.2.5 | LWC 1.2.5 | LogBlock 1.2.5

About MySQL database:

Nearly all our mods running on a MySQL database, that means that the plugins use less memory, and that increase the great game-play!

About the sever Ram/upgrade:

3072MB ram MySQL read abowe 80 Players slots.

Banned Items:

Crystal chest, Red Morning Star, Infernal armor, Abyss Helmet, Gravity Greaves, Hurricane Boots, Ring of Ignition, Void Ring, Zero Ring, Ring of Arcana, Catalystic lense, Destruction Catalyst, Black Hole Band, World anchor, Transmutation table, Tesla Coil, Anchor cart, Dimensional Anchor, All exploadsives, Volcanite Amulet, Watch of Flowing time, Mercurial Eye, Harvest Goddess Band, Evertide Amulet.

These items is banned because they are lagging the server or bypassing the Towny/WourldGuard Protection

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