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WareAxe Tekkit -No Lag-


WareAxe Tekkit is a server created on the mistakes that so many other have made.
Ever been tired of tekkit servers that:

  • Lag like no other
  • Ban EE
  • Are Half broken
  • Have World Corruption
  • Have immature staff

I have personally had these problems looking for a tekkit server, with that in mind I sought out to create a server that solved all these problems.

We rented out a machine that is literally overkill. It can host 60 players. We have it capped at 45.

Our staff is unbelievably experienced with server management. No not the (im Admin on 27 servers experience. The "I ran 1 dedicated server for 2 years" Experience.

We know what we are doing and we have no tolerance for people who think they can join and act like they runt he place. If you break our rules, any of them, in the slightest way, your banned. Thats it. GONE.

Take a look:

  1. No greifing whatsoever
  2. No Cheating
    3 .No trolling or acting like a stupid kid, be mature
  3. No abusing glitches
  4. Listen to staff their word is law
  5. Pvp is on only during the night and is turned off during the day
  6. No asking for op, or free handouts
  7. Breaking any of the above rules will result in a instant ban with no appeal. All bans are permanent.

Here is a few other important things.

This server is GRAYLISTED
You can't do anything unless your promoted.
You can apply right now, here ->
Or type /ifo rankup ingame.


You MUST have tekkit 3.1.2 to join! I cannot stress that enough. Here is how.
In your launcher,
choose options.
Now pick manual build selection.
Pick 3.1.2


your ready to play!

A full items ban list can be found at spawn. also beware of your peers at night...

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