This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Silks Tekkit server


We are a Danish server.

  • Ip to server: or 25565
  • There can currently. be 30 players in the same time.
  • You can come in and look at the server. and build with it together.
  • It is an SMP / PVE & PVP server!


  • No grief
  • No advertising / spam
  • No Tp-Kill
  • No home by others without permission
  • No Hack / Bugs
  • Speak Nicely
  • Admins word is law!
    Failure to comply with the not, it can cause a perm. ban
  • Do not build too close to the other. Unless they are included in it. Build at least 50 blocks from, preferably 100!

There are some plugins
Here are a few of them:
Essentials: A lot of standard commands.
Border Guard: map is limited to 3000 blocks from spawn "at present. Enter the new map comes on it will be removed"
Logblock: Is there to keep an eye on grief!
LWC: Lock your chests, doors handles, etc.
Multi Homes: As [User] you have 1 homes with [VIP] has 6!
Mob Arena: Attack!
Pvp Arena: Attack!
Spleef Arena: Remove Block in your opponent. muhaha
MyChunk Protect your property grounds.
BOSEconomy: Economy so you have the money to start .. "Because costs and shop in spawn."

You can create a user on the website before you go onto the server. If you do not create a user on the website. have no access to tilt or Teamspeak or other things that make our server asks.

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