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SapphireCraft {80 Slots, NO PVP, EE Enabled, No Wh


Welcome to SapphireCraft

We are a Non-PvP Tekkit server with multiple protection plugins and a no-tolerance policy on griefing.
We have some epic moderators and admins, all dedicated to you, the players.

Our goal with SapphireCraft is to create a unique player experience, we started out small and became one the top tekkit servers out there, and we hope to stay this way for quite a while, recently we have had some down time as we switched to a new host to increase our ability to give more people a chance to enjoy SapphireCraft.

So you want to know what plugins we have.
We have:
Factions, like alot of tekkit servers, we agree with you that no one likes it when your base gets griefed, all your red matter stolen, your spare quantum suit on someone elses avatar. SO we have factions to let and your friends claim some land for your own and other Anti-grief plugins to prevent others from trying to steal it.
LWC: So you dont trust someone in your faction? want to keep your stuff for yourself?
Thanks to LWC you can use commands like /cprivate and /cpassword. Thanks to this, you can also stop people getting access to your chests on non-faction land too, and alot of other tekkit "open-able" items.
(Donator+)Mob-disguise: So you want to scare your friends into thinking your a creeper, we have mob disguise so you can do this too :D.
Auto Rank: No more "Can I level up?" thanks to this plugin your rank rises as you play. You can just type /AR check to see how long until your next rank.

We have had to disable the ComputerCraft Mod due to misuse, but all other Mods are active. Some items have had to be banned, unfortunately, because they :- 1) Cause harm to players or buildings. 2) They cause an increased load on the server which creates lag. 3)They can be used illegally to dupe large amounts of items. Some items are also restricted by rank or by number also to reduce server stress.

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