This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Tekkit - North & South
Tekkit - North & South is a PVP roleplay survival server. The time setting is, of course, the American Civil War. Standard game is Capture The Diamond. Each CSA or Union Regiment's base will have an obsidian tower. Hidden safely inside the tower are 4 diamond blocks. To get a Victory Point, a team must capture/destroy the enemy's 4 diamond blocks. After this happens, staff will reset the towers. Whichever Team/Regiment gets the most Victory Points at the end of each week gets rewarded with special items. Players are allowed to grief enemy barricades, walls (to an extent, don't do more than make a hole to get in through), and the obsidian tower. Raiding is allowed anywhere and everywhere on this server, as long as you don't steal from teammates. Ceasefire times are measured via Pacific Standard Time (PST)
We are in early stages of the server still, so there are many things that we plan on adding in the future. Such as shops, rail system, kill stats, victory point tracker, and team/regiment private chat channels. Suggestions are welcome and appreciated. There is a ceasefire day once a week, and that day is Sunday. Use the ceasefire to gather resources and build up defenses without fear of being attacked. Currently, players have a choice on what side and regiment they want to be in, but if things become unbalanced, we will manually balance the teams. If you join and see that most players are CSA, join Union.

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