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Sky Servers Tekkit

Sky Servers Tekkit - Australian Hosted - Modpack:


An Australian hosted Tekkit server! Tired of the bore from playing in tekkits Single player? Annoyed at joining Tekkit servers run by people with no clue what they are doing? Sky Servers Tekkit is your solution! Hosted directly out of Sydney you will have one of the best connections ever! Perfect for Playing along with your friends and making even more!


  1. 24/7 Tekkit Server

  2. Non-whitelisted

  3. Automated Perk Store

  4. Hosted in Sydney

  5. Dedicated Mining world

  6. Very few banned items - Custom plugins!

  7. Friendly and active staff

  8. Space completely free! NO LAG!!!

  9. Events for all to play!

  10. Towns

  11. Free for all ages

Tried logging in
Crashed my client
0/10 will not be trying to connect to this server again
Posted 24th Oct 2016
The server s well organized, and when I first started the mods were extremely helpful and gave me a good head start. Also, swearing is allowed...
Posted 31st Jul 2016