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Hello, and welcome to our post, we are a 24/7 Tekkit Classic server with NoLag and very friendly staff! We are a new server and are looking for members, dont ask for staff because we will neglect the app, we are 100% maxed out in staff.

We are not a whitelist server, our server is open to everyone, no matter what age or what character the person is, we have simple rules and only 6 banned items, we are still in development, and love to see people joining our server in our early development stages.

We have simple plugins that are in place to make the server fun, and more enjoyable for everyone, raiding/griefing is NOT allowed and we do have rollback plugins, we are a server thats in place for people who like to chill, build and have fun.

You want a list of plugins? Sure thing! Heres the list:
AntiOp: ForceOp Protection plugin.
AutoRank: Automatic ranking system
ChatManager: Part of PermissionsEx
ClearLag: Clears entities every 3 mins to prevent client-sided lag
LogBlock: Logs placed/removed blocks and allows us to perform rollbacks
Essentials: Essentials commands, /tpa etc
MobArena: A fun minigame for everyone to play :)
ModifyWorld: Part of PermissionsEx
Multiverse: Allows us to have multiple worlds such as the creative world etc
PermissionsEx: Used for ranks/more secure then groupmanager
PlotMe: Used in the creative plot world, has automatic anti-grief
Questioner: Used as part of Towny
TekkitCustomizer: Only 6 banned items!
Towny Towny, antigrief and very interactive plugin
Vault: Links plugins together
iConomy: Economy plugin used with Towny
TekkitRestrict: Allows us to control our tekkit server
So that's a bit about our server, We do have some very simple rules!

No griefing or raiding, Claimed or Not Claimed.
Only 4 Powerflowers per player!
Be respectful to staff AND members, no matter what!
Do not ask for ranks or any form of OP
Do not advertise other websites/servers/hosts on our server
Do not spam or constantly repeat the same message
Do not scam players, this includes killing after TP
No hacked clients or JARFILE edits of any kind.
Thats the rules and the plugins covered, now lets go over: Server Specs!

Max Players: 132
Average server TPS: 20.0
Plugins (Including Mods): 69
Gamemode: Dependant on world
Worlds: Creative-Plots, Survival (Towny), MobArena
Server MOTD: YonTekk Back Online!
Tekkit Version: 3.1.2
MineCraft Version: 1.2.5
Dedicated IP?: Yes
Thanks for reading this, Hope to see you on the server!

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