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Starcrafts Rules:
[1] Do Not Use Banned Items Or Hacks, Glitches, Cheats, Exploits, Etc.
[2] Please Don't Ask For Staff Ranks In-Game! Apply here instead!
[3] Spamming, Begging, Whining, And Trash Talking Can Get You Muted Or Jailed On The server
[4] Saying "Im From PMC, Op Me So I Can Inteveiw The Server!" Will Probably Get You Banned. :)
[5] Speaking In The Chat With SOME All Caps Words Is Fine, BUT DON'T ALWAYS SPEAK LIKE THIS!
[6] Duping Is Forbidden! Any Player Caught Duping, Will Be Banned Or Jailed Depending On How Much They Duped!
[7] If You Ever Have A Question To Ask, See If Another Player Can Answer It Before Bothering Our Staff About It!
[8] If You Know A Player That Has NOT Read The Rules, Please Ask Him To Do So.

=-=-=Banned Items=-=-=
Catalytic Lens-Destroys Large Amounts Of Ocean Water And Causes Lag!
Destruction Catalyst-People Abuse This Item And Use It To Grief Our Spawn.
Hyperkinetic Lens-No Official Reason For This Item Yet.
Nuke-Causes MAJOR Lag When Lit, This Item Is Also Commonly Used To Destroy Our Spawn.
Nova Catalyst-This Block Is Basically Like A Little Nuke.
Nova Cataclysm-This Block Is Basically Like A Little Nuke.
Reactor Chamber-An Extension For The Nuclear Reactor, The More You Have Of These, The Bigger The Explosion!
Nuclear Reactor-If This Machine Overheats, Its Creates A Massive Explosion.
Industrial TnT-Causes Alot of lag.
Gem Armor Chestplate-Used For Killing Players At Spawn!
Uranium Cell-Makes Nuclear Items.
Dark Matter Pedestal-Players Can Dupe With This Item AND The Dark Matter Pedestal Causes Lots Of Lag.
Evertide Amulet-Used For Griefing Stuff In Our Spawn ._.
Volcanite Amulet-Destroys Our Beautiful Ocean!
Dimentional Anchor-Uses Too Much Server Memory. Will Possibly Crash The Server.
World Anchor-Uses Too Much Of The Servers Memory. Will Possibly Crash The Server.
Training Dummy-Once Placed, It Is IMPOSSIBLE To Destroy!

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