This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Spawn Building :)
Our town square.
Where you start your adventure!
"Go big or go home" -Mind

Note: You need Tekkit to run on this server. You can get it here.

Thank you for choosing our server!

Note: You need Tekkit to run on this server. You can get it here.

When you join, the server will feature:

Map Easter Eggs
Player of the month
Big land to build
Anti Grief plugins
Spawn Clock
and more!
The IP is Server IP

You will see Tekkit pages start to pop up here and there all over the website.

———–Server Info———–

Banned Items

Red Matter Tools and Armor
Gem Armor
Tele Tether
World, Dimen Anchor
Hyper Lens
Cata Lens
Destruct Cata
Full list at spawn!

Do not greif other peoples creations.
Do not swear heavily in chat. You will be warned once.
Treat everyone FAIR>
Overlords have final say.
Do not beg for rank upgrades. Read this page for more information.
The banned items is final and will not be altered in any way,
Advertising will result in a permanent ban.
If you feel these rules are un fair contact me here.
All quarry's MUST be made in the lake.
Our Website:

We hope you enjoy it!

~Supreme Overlord,


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