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24/7, No Lag, No whitelist, No griefing, small fri


Darkcraft is a 24/7 0 lag Tekkit server. We are based in the UK so many of our players also come from there. As for rules we are much the same as most servers you will find out there. We operate a no grief, no stealing, and nuking policy, but bar that.. we feel that players on our server are mature enough to use ALL that tekkit has to offer responsibly. I take some considerable time to watch new players when they first join, and make sure they are who we are looking for in a player. We all come to trust each other, however I do understand that MANY of you will come from other servers where your items have been stolen, and griefed, so as standered we run LWC protection on chests, doors, furnaces, machines etc. I have added as many of the tekkit ID's as I can so that you get automatic protection as you build. I understand that trust is earned, so until you get to know us, you will also want some guarantee that your stuff will still be there when you return :)

Unlike allot of Tekkit servers we allow use of EE items including rings that are normally banned. So far our players have been able to use these items in there fun capacity without causing mass destruction ;) Unfortunately, we have had to remove Void Rings, Black hole bands, and RM furnaces due to dupe bugs but everything bar NUKES are craftable. :)

Because we are small, it means all our members feel apart of something bigger.. and often we find our players jump in to help each other out when one is struggling.

So if you're looking for a 24/7 tekkit server, with no lag, no fear of item theft of property griefing. Where you aren't just another number on a server, but a member of a growing family, where your input is always considered valuable, then log in and join us now :).

Upon joining you will not be able to build or break blocks for the first 30 mins. This helps get rid of random griefers. Use this time to find a nice place to build. After 30 mins you'll be automatically promoted.

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