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Welcome To Hell, Factions, PVP, Vote Rewards, Ches


Welcome To Hell. Might as well get as comfortable as possible, because before the PVP fighter within gets out and crazy, you may want some land for yourself. Factions is installed, griefing is allowed, and PVP is on. What is not to like? We have set up a Donor system that is perfect for those people dedicated to Hell. Our spawn is beautiful (all credit to Mezyman).

So far 30 slots, with your help, we can increase that size (cuz my so called 'anti-greens' wallet definitely does not help).

Some Features:
Beautiful Spawn: Everytime you get stuck, and have to /spawn... the disappointment, well, disappears!

Factions: Every man for himself... or if you invite friends, you could easily conquer 50 chunks of land, or more! Just don't go dying, loosing factions land is truly hellish torture.

Buy Donor 1 With In-Game Cash: Don't feel like spending money, until your SURE ur having fun in Hell (haha... you wish)? Then buy Donor Tier 1 for in-game cash..!

Machine Rooms: Go use super efficient, super fast machines... for a low in-game fee! These rooms are safe from trolls or thieves. Step inside, deposit payment in the chest... then all you need to do is put your valuable in, and watch them get macerated, smelted, or even charged! Doors close behind you, so no need to gaurd your stuff!

Shop: This one should be obvious. Buy and sell things to the shop... and although we currently only need in-game cash for Factions and Donor Tier 1, we will be adding more later!

Enjin Website: One of the best video game website hosts is helping us out. We ARE using their plugin... and having a website with them means everyone has easy access to forums, recent news, and contacting us!

Voting: You can vote for our server, which not only puts us higher in the server ranking. Higher ranking = More players. Plus, you get a present in-game as an added bonus!

Future Plans:

  1. More RAM, which means we can have more worlds, more contests, and more players on at once!
  2. Custom Plugins, which means that if we get suggestions, our developers can make a custom plugin to accommodate better, smoother, and funner gameplay experience.

To Join:
Get The Technic Pack Launcher, switch at the top left to Tekkit.
In options, make sure you are on Recommended Build (A.K.A Tekkit | 3.1.2 | 1.2.5)

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