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24/7, Lag Free

100 Slots 16GB RAM Dedicated server.


We are currently a Brand new Tekkit Lite server running the New Tekkit Lite modpack

We have big plans for the server and are looking for all types of new players. We plan on having a decent amount of players online at all times to expand players options when it comes to the economy and the theme. We are going to have Raiding Aka Griefing Allowed. We have Towny for people who like to run their own Towns and Nations, It will offer a form of protection from those horrible horrible raiders. We are going to be Semi-Hardcore Economy where players can create shops, Company's, Trade Markets ETC and everything will cost currency such as more blocks for grief protection. We want players to grow with us so now is the time to join while the land is unshaped.

Donator Information

Currently I have not set up any donator benefits but do not fear! Some servers may give crazy perks to people who donate leaving even the most seasoned player of the server behind the dust. Here we don't believe just because somebody puts money into the server they should automatically be superior to a player who has played even longer and harder then the person who donated. All items received from donation will be obtainable by not donation it's just a quicker way to get the items. Some examples are, Donators may get a set amount of extra town blocks, Or Grief Prevention blocks. Maybe a town free of charge, Defiantly a Tag to set them apart of others.

Rules/Banned Items

Very limited items banned. Only items that enable dupes, or items that cause massive lag.

Raiding allowed in certain areas

No extreme chat content. Keep it clean for all to play.

Do not do things that would make you ask yourself if you would get banned for it.

Be respectful! let's make this fun to everyone!

Don't try to destroy things build for the server such as spawn.

Do not log in and a minute later ask to become staff- We have a VERY select policy when it comes to staff and are hand chosen, this will not include people who are just looking for a server to play on if their staff.

Welcome to OutlandCraft We hope you enjoy your stay!

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