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Critical Servers Tekkit Classic - [100 SLOTS] - [C


We are Critical Servers! We currently only have this 100 slot tekkit server! We are running on a system with the latest Intel Xeon processors with 4 GB RAM we can upgrade for no extra price for us so we can have up to 32GB!!!
We are hiring at the moment so if you are active, friendly and would love to join a team then comment below and maybe we will ask you to send in a application.
We are running two worlds at the moment one Survival and the other a flat grass creative world.
So come join if you want to join a new community looking for new members!

Some pics

Some more will be posted soon just there isn't much to show off at the moment since it's a new server :P


1) No griefing
2) No stelaing
3) No racism
4) No asking for higher ranks
5) No chat spam
6) No cheating or hacking
7) No TNT Cannons
8) No building too close to spawn
9) No heavy explosives (Most are blocked )
10) No demanding block spam.
11) No redstone clocks
12) Do not build in others land unless asked too.
Blocked items:

We have blocked most explosives!
We have blocked some rings.
We have blocked some over powered tools and locked them to higher ranks.

Donation ranks:

Bronze tier = £2.50
Sliver tier = £5.00
Gold tier = £7.50
Diamond tier = £10.00
Dark Matter tier = £15.00
Red Matter tier = £17.00
Perks are listed in game!

We are currently hiring!

2x Moderators
1x Admin
4x Builders
So if you think you will be good for one of them roles please reply below!

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