This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Voltz, SandCrafty, Keep inventory!


IP: "SandCrafty.MCPro.EU" or ""

Donator Shop!
To get money you have to do /vote or /mcjobs join (job)

Banned Items:

  • Hopper (Electric Chest reason!)
  • Slaughterhouse (Crashing server)
  • Redmatter (Crashing server/too OP)

If you get bad login exit the whole Voltz and the technic launcher, Open the technic launcher again and log in, that's how you fix the bad login.

We have 10 different ranks! One of them are free: Recruit (I)
Want to purchase one? Go on for more information. Only for EU! We have keepInventory on!

This server has faction plugin, do "/f help" for more information

Added MCJobs! Earn money by digging, mine, craft and more! Find more out by doing /mcjobs list and then /mcjobs join (job)

You are done with the reading, well done!
I hope I will see you soon!

  • ItsKillar

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