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Middle Earth Tekkit is a fun, PVE Survival Tekkit server running on Tekkit 3.1.2. Within the next 2 weeks (sometime around early February of 2013) we plan on expanding to become a Tekkit server network of 3 servers. All 3 of these servers will be likely be linked with a plugin called BukkitLink. They will be:

  1. Middle Earth Tekkit (survival, no grief, themed building, towny, EE enabled)

  2. Middle Earth Tekkit PVP (pvp, raiding, no grief, themed building, towny, EE disabled, economy)

  3. RedSkyCraft (survival, no grief, standard building, towny, EE disabled, economy)

The 1st server is up and running, the next 2 are in development currently.

Here at Middle Earth Tekkit we work to make epic creations from landmark towns and areas from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit. To make things more difficult (and since players have EE to work with anyways), creative mode will be very limited, and few staff will have it. Warps and sethomes are limited to increase usage and need of roads and standard land travel. Griefing and raiding are strictly prohibited on this server (we have HawkEye for anti-grief protection and use TekkitRestrict to ban overly destructive items).

Middle Earth Tekkit server website:

Middle Earth Tekkit forums:

Also note that due to crash and lag issues, BuildCraft is disabled on all our servers. We used to crash frequently when we still had BuildCraft, and every single crash was caused by BuildCraft pipe overflow. Since other mods (such as RedPower) can do most of the same functions that BuildCraft does, and in a smarter and more efficient way, it is not a huge loss to not have BuildCraft.

Stay tuned for updates on the server and the server network.

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