This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Dark Hatred Tekkit (HardCore PvP Survival)


Dark Hatred presents Central City,
A hardcore pvp survival RPG Tekkit server based in the future where order has come from out of chaos and people have began to venture outside the city limits. Outside the city limits anything goes from griefing raiding or just plain murder. Or if you want to help the people you may think about being an officer of Central City to help fight off the Criminals away from the city while being paid for your services. Central City is open to PvP with the exception of Spawn room but there are City Laws that if broken you risk being caught and put in jail till your sentence is up. This server was made to help give players a chance to not only play on a server but to be part of the server as well with server events inside and outside the city walls to players being able to rob the bank we wanted to give players a type of city life as well as being able to make and start their own towns or city. We also wanted to make a server that allowed griefing and raiding to give it a even more life experience I mean let’s face it if life where easy we would all be rich. So are you tired of playing on just a normal Tekkit server? Want to play on a more challenging server that lets you interact with friendly Staff and be who you want to be without a bunch of strict rules? Then stop buy and check out the server and be ready to have a great Experience.

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