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We dont mind you hacking and dupeing as long as it isnt patched.

Server Info:
? website

? Owner: Kerrbox321
? Head-Admin: Devoncj47
? Admin: PurpleHawks
? Mod: Playlikeabo55

The DerpCraft Team is incredibly dedicated to the server and this is because we feel
that to host a Tekkit server you must put the work into it, here on DerpCraft we don't
believe in Map Reset unless it is a serious issue, most Servers we have seen always resort
to map reset instead of finding solutions for lags and chunks, Here at DerpCraft we have
a dedicated team which has already found solutions and use their free time to install these
solutions to make the server better for the players.

Main Plugins:
? Sky BlLock
? Plot me
? Creative lands
? Mob Arena
? Auto Rank
? Random Teleport
? Economy
? Clans
? Grief Prevention
? Casino Slots
? Core Protect
? Multi-World

About us:
Are server is a all age frindly server ran by people who like tekkit and want to help all the time
are server also has a staff rule if your not on for more than 2 weeks with out reson you will
get demoted.

We dont like to ban people so we use jails and mutes you will only get banned for extream resons
for Eg if you try and nuke the server and you cause it to crsh you may be temp banned there is always
a reson to get banned.

? We also support anti sexist comment due to the owners girl frind who plays and iRoz are only woman staff.

100% of donations go to the server not the owner we always need donations to keep the server
running it wont shut down because we pay a price monthly from my own money.
My rule as the owner is normaly: Donation status is a privilege, not a right.
(it is very much a gift from me to those who donate). If you show you are unable to handle
your privileges as an Donator player, they can and will be taken away. And if you are caught breaking
server Rules, you can still be banned. And it should go without saying that a donation can not be refunded.
That's just silly.

My self and a couple other staff members hack and we know all the patches so all the big hacks are patched.
The smaller ones like fly hacks, Xray and so on are not patched just because they are point less
all it is, is you cheating but the derpcraft team dont punnish hackers and dupers.

Creative and sky block:
We Have a sky block and creative world on are server all the creative plots and Sky blocks are checked weekly
we dont like people who abuse the creative world and troll people in them so we have some strict rules
Dont abuse them!!!!!

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