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Blood of Heroes is a Tekkit Classic server that puts players first, unlike many other servers out there we have a dedicated, helpful staff team that does their best to help you with anything you need (that pertains to the server), they also try to keep the environment calm and clean for all.

Is Blood of Heroes a server that is just in it to get money? - No, here at Blood of Heroes we take the money you donate to us and put it back into the server to help improve it the best we can, regular players are able to access all the items that a donator would be able to (as long as they have played long enough), we believe that making items restricted to donators only is a bit un-fair as some people may love the server and be dedicated, but not be able to donate due to personal reasons or such, if they were not able to get access to the items donators get access to without donating that would get quite frustrating and would not help them enjoy the server very much.

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