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Welcome to Server 404!

This is a Tekkit Server with all mods/plugins enabled, including Equivalent Exchange (E.E.).

We also have Towny, a very fun plugin that allows you to create your own town, have your stuff be protected from others within your town and be able to play with your friends without fear of grief.

The server runs BOSEconomy and MCJobs, so you can earn money easily to create your towns or nations. Everyone starts with enough money to create one free town. Think wisely before you make one. If you don't like it and destroy it, you will have to grind for money before you can create a new one.

There is also, on the server, a plugin called "Catacombs" which spawns dungeons that reset on a timer with new loot everytime. They will be scarce, but formidable. You are not allowed to claim land within 100 blocks from a "Catacombs" dungeon. They should be fairly visible on the minimap. Failure to adhere to that rule will result in a temporary ban, followed by a grace period of 24 hours for you to move your town. If, at the end of that time limit, your town hasn't been moved, you will be permabanned, no exceptions.

Some items have been banned to prevent griefing. Here's the list; Nukes, Ring of Gravity, Ring of Ignition, Ring of Arcana, Mercurial Eye. More could be banned in the future if we deem them fit.

Current rules of the server

1 Respect Admins; Bobo2002259 and AMOE1st

2 Less QQ, More Pew-Pew; No whining such as "Admin, please, this guy attacked me." or "Admin, my stuff is gone, help!"

3 Stealing is allowed; Unprotected crops, loot on death and unlocked chests/machines are such examples.

4 No Griefing; Tolerance Zero. You grief, you're gone.

5 Don't ask admins for stuff or teleport. We are not your personal toolkit or bank. In fact, we play too, legitly.

6 No claiming land within 100 blocks from a Catacombs Dungeon.

Quick Storyline

You are a crew member aboard the X-404, a cargo spaceship.

You're on a return trip from a very long delivery to Omicron Persei 8.

Suddenly, the engines cut out as you fly over a blocky, primitive world and the

gravitational field attracts the X-404 towards the cubic planet.

Your pilot tries his best to save the ship, but the commands aren't responding.

The X-404 crashes and, due to the "emergency landing" the distress beacon is damaged.

Your ship cannot emit any signals for a possible rescue team.

You, and the crew of the X-404 are never to be found again.

You must thus survive with what little means you have.

You have the knowledge of many different technologies at your disposal but will have

to go out and collect your own materials to build from scratch.

Good luck, Space Cadets. Live long and prosper.

Planet's Coordinates / Server IP:

Running 24/7 minus short restarts

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