This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Dan's Fukkit Classic (Anarchy)


This is an anarchy server. No rules. Hacked clients are allowed. Rudimentary anticheat and anti-dupe exists. We are Cat Cum Organization.

As of now, this server has been around for about a year. My one promise is that it will exist for as long as I live, which I'm hoping is another few decades at least. The world will never be wiped. In 20 years, this will probably be the oldest Tekkit Classic Server in existence, and possibly the only one. The goal is to make sure people have a server to play Tekkit Classic. The world is of infinite size.

Energy condensers are UNATTAINABLE. There are 64 of them placed throughout the world. One of them is within 200 blocks of spawn.

Q: What does Dan's Fukkit Classic have to offer?
A: Besides the promise of existing forever, we will never reset our world, we are lag-free (because believe it or not mojang used to actually optimize their game back when 1.2.5 came out), we have a couple interesting plugins, and there's also a big puzzle. It will probably never be solved. Here's a set of coordinates for free. Good luck finding the other 63 structures. 2992 96 -4307

Q: Are there really no rules?
A: None at all. But there's also no rule that says I can't ban you anyways. Just don't break the server.

Q: Are there any disabled items:
Yes. Nukes, chunkloaders and nova catalysts/cataclysms are disabled for performance reasons.
Watch of flowing time is disabled because it's a nuisance.

Q: What are some of your server specs?
A: 144GB RAM, a decent enough CPU to allow for a zero-lag environment with as many players as we'll get. 32GB of RAM are dedicated to the server software itself, and 64GB is set aside as a RAMDisk for a slight performance improvement (mostly because I wanted an excuse to use the RAM).

Q: How often do you actually get on the server?
A: Not very often. Every few days I check the console to make sure it hasn't crashed and to see if there's been any activity.

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