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Tekkit 2 by CraftersLand - [Claims|Clans|Crates]


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SkyFactory 2.5 >
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SkyFactory 4 >
FTB Infinity Evolved >
FTB Direwolf20 1.7.10 >
FTB Direwolf20 1.12.2 >
FTB Revelation >
FTB Continuum >
FTB SkyAdventures >
FTB StoneBlock2 >
FTB Interactions >
FTB Ultimate Reloaded >
Nomifactory CEu >
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RLCraft >
Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons >
Project Ozone 3 - Kappa Mode >
Tekkit >
Pixelmon Reforged >
MC Eternal >
GT New Horizons >
FTB Direwolf20 1.16.5 >
FTB OceanBlock >
All The Mods 6 >
FTB Direwolf20 1.18.2 >
Tekkit 2 >

░░░░░░ Features: ░░░░░░

Land protection claim system.
Economy - Server Shops, Market and Auctions.
Daily and Vote Rewards.
Clans and PvP.
Server Live map.
Hosted in Data Center on dedicated servers.

Love the server so much, the staff are so friendly and helpful if you ever have any questions!

Posted 11th Jun 2024
The best server for tekkit 2

Posted 10th Jun 2024
Stevendt1 - Great server, fast restarts and hardly ever any lag!
Posted 2nd May 2024
VadimKuzmich- I love this server i would definitly recommend it the comunity is helpfull and friendly
Posted 28th Apr 2024
The server is good it just lags some times but that the only problem i saw the staff seems to be active and there is a great comunity in the chat recomend to every one to join the server
In-game name: Hash_Trip
Posted 28th Apr 2024
It's a fun server so far.
Posted 27th Apr 2024
Really enjoyed this server, wish it had a more interactive economy. - icekream69
Posted 31st Mar 2024
I really like this server and think its very fun - Ryrybro06
Posted 27th Mar 2024
Great server no lag at all and great support from all users and a great tech support team ensuring a smooth running server at all times!
My in game name is TropicalPepsi
Posted 23rd Mar 2024
The Server is pretty good but its missing markets
Posted 14th Mar 2024
great server :D, most fun ive had on a modded server ever :>
Posted 4th Mar 2024
The server is great an the people are verry friendly.
Posted 29th Feb 2024
Goo Tekkit 2 is the ultimate Minecraft experience, offering a meticulously curated modpack for boundless creativity. With a welcoming community, seamless gameplay, and dedicated staff, this server is a standout choice for players of all levels. Join now and unleash your imagination!
Posted 26th Feb 2024
the Shop is a bit too small. but the server is very nice. You can make your own Property.
Posted 20th Feb 2024
Chill server, i really like to play here IGN : Josssssssssske
Posted 16th Feb 2024
The server has a very helpful staff and seemingly nice community. IGN: NeverForSean
Posted 15th Feb 2024
Great server! A little laggy every once in a while but great overall!
Posted 11th Feb 2024
Best server for tekkit 2.0
Posted 1st Feb 2024

reachable mods, awesome game, friendly community
Posted 27th Jan 2024
Review from user: Roberto10AF_

This is a very cool Tekkit 2 server. Not only does it add a lot of cool features, like the players market, that goes well with the mods, but the claim system is very fair and consistent, as is the banning of the OP items that can be used for griefing.
Posted 23rd Jan 2024
Of the few servers of tekkit 2 it think it is the best, wiped around 2 months ago so no economy inbalance exists, the banned items are only the ones that can be abused and overall is a very nice experience.
Ig name: andreinaa
Posted 22nd Jan 2024
The review bellow this one was done by ItsJoseph2011
Posted 17th Jan 2024
I found this server a few days ago and have played none stop since, exploring all the ins and outs of Tekkit 2.
First of all there's almost always at least 1 mod online who always enforces the rules while not spoiling the experience, secondly the community and daily players is unlike any experience I have EVER had on any server this is why I rate this server a solid 10/10.
The fact that hardly any items (only ones that are necessary) are banned and it doesn't take away from the experience whatsoever.
Thirdly, is the server quality, the spawn is fully designed to the upmost perfection and the auction house is perfect for any player, the claim system is simple even so a beginner could use it with guides and signs to help at spawn to.
In conclusion, this server is the best Tekkit 2 server world wide with low ping, amazing quality, and stellar community. I would highly recommend you join the community and play with us.
Posted 17th Jan 2024
Roberto10AF_ : Very cool Tekkit 2 server. Still dont know how to use "/sell" command.
Posted 16th Jan 2024
Been playing since 5 years, best minecraft server and community ever! IGN: Easy987
Posted 15th Jan 2024