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Tekkit 2 by CraftersLand - [Claims|Clans|Crates]


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Land protection claim system.
Economy - Server Shops, Market and Auctions.
Daily and Vote Rewards.
Clans and PvP.
Server Live map.
Hosted in Data Center on dedicated servers.

Great Serve
- MatthewH97
Posted 8th Nov 2023
this is a pretty great server for tekkit 2 i enjoy the people and staff who play it and everyone is really nice but if i have to put something i dislike it would be how little the spawn shop has to offer
Posted 8th Nov 2023
I feel well about this server. Even if there are not many players online you can always ask for help which is nice. Spawn shop and Player shop are well organised. I really enjoy playing on Craftersland Server's.

Kind regards

Horrible Snowman
Posted 7th Nov 2023
The Best Tekkit 2 server. MagicznyWojtus
Posted 7th Oct 2023
i wish player were a little more talkative and outgoing, the shop could be expanded upon. and the crate opening takes fooorreeevverrrr
Posted 6th Oct 2023
its very nice server, witch good gameplay.
Posted 25th Sep 2023
Great server with lots of friendly people willing to help you if you get stuck with Tekkit. -samuelpinetree
Posted 19th Sep 2023
Great server, I'm having a lot of fun playing on it i play on it daily with my friends and it is very good no lag friendly people
Posted 7th Sep 2023
cool, i enjoyed to play there
Posted 5th Sep 2023
great server and most popular! must join!
Posted 1st Sep 2023
Great server, Great Community. User: ty1211ty
Posted 30th Aug 2023
A great server with great rewards, kind staff, and less lag than a lot of servers out there
Posted 26th Aug 2023
Honestly, a great server. Everyone is super chill and It's a lot of fun. People help without you even asking.
Posted 21st Aug 2023
Very friendly players, very friendly staff, well maintained server
Posted 17th Aug 2023
I really like this server, all peoples and all stuff there
Posted 13th Aug 2023
I have been playing for about 1 week, I have nothing other then good news, There is tons of Knowledge Staff and Players to help you just getting started in Tekkit, Best of All No LAG!
Posted 28th Jul 2023
CraftersLand is a very clearly community driven server, while I have only played on the Tekkit 2 server I can assume this extends to all of its other branches. I feel that the server restarts a little too frequently but I assume this is for reasons I don't understand, other than that I have zero complaints and enjoy playing on this server.
Posted 24th Jul 2023
Not much critizism i can give, keep up the good work
Posted 24th Jul 2023
Overall it's a good experience, but, here's some pro's and con's.

Active server, always up
Few banned items
Claim system
Vote and economy is helpful but not totally broken

Major lag spikes, that occur consistently
The items that are banned sometimes are the exact ones you want
Items do randomly disappear from the inventory
Old claims from inactive players never go away

My username online the server is Ninja_Azzazzin
Posted 24th Jul 2023
Awesome server, from playing tekkit classic to this very well done the in game $$ system could be differnt, maybe make shops players can buy. My name is Jordazle
Posted 5th Jul 2023
Server Stability: 5/5 - Run comfortably with planned server resets mean that lag is at a minimum.

Community: 5/5 - Everyone is nice and helpful. Its comfortable to ask questions and even hold a conversation.

Features: 4/5 - All Mods are included with only the main griefing items on a restricted list. These do not impact gameplay. Server has vote keys for free in game items a player store to sell items. They also have a discord for game communication if desired. As well as a forum for information and reports if an issue needs discussing.

Greifing: 3/5 - Griefers are dealt with quickly. However due to a single mod who lacks perms to fix affected builds, coupled with having to wait serveral days (At time of writing almost a full two weeks) for a staff with higher perms to fix.

Staff: 3/5 - Sadly there is only one volunteered staff who is consistently on. The staff is very professional and plays alongside everyone which is nice. He is quick to deal with griefers but lacks perms to fix anything affected.

Staff/Forum Response: 1/5 - No response to a rollback request made (Which is the method they prefer). Once again at time of writing this review its has been close to two weeks there has been no forum response or fix given.


CraftersLand Tekkit2 server is a comfortable place to enjoy Tekkit with a wonderful community of players. The single staff dose their absolute best to maintain the integrity of the players dealing with griefers. However currently due to lack of perms, having to wait on higher staff, and lack of a response from their chosen method of reporting, I have to say builders beware. HOWEVER I have not seen another griefer at the time of writing.

I have waited to see the response time before writing but seeing as we are close to half a month I sadly gave in and wrote it.

The only concern is higher staff response time which seems to be nil.
Posted 1st Jul 2023
Last time when i played this mod pack it was 2014 at 1.2.5 version i wanted to play it again and found also this server it's amazing here :)
Posted 28th Jun 2023
Really great server, 10/10 would reccomend
Posted 28th Jun 2023
The server itself is rather relaxing and enjoyable if you are looking for a small community. The players and it's staff team is very friendly and helpful, you can get expensive items quite fast due to the low prices in the player-market which is items sold by the players in the community

- Downturns
You will unfortunately have to donate towards the server in order to gain any currency-related content on this network. This is personally a downside for me as i personally likes to have ways to gain money as a new player, the server provides player-market but you have to grind hard to make items which is sell-able if you want to make anything. Additionally to the claim-plugin, you won't be able to get claim-tokens unless you play 24/7 (generate 120 per hour) unless you donate specific for this.

- LillefixHD
Posted 21st Jun 2023
one of the best tekkit 2 servers ever! only complaint i have is deff some server lag but i mean hey cant really complain about that awesome server would recommend to many! keep it up!!

Posted 19th Jun 2023