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Tekkit by CraftersLand - [Towns|Clans]



Tekkit Modpack:

MineFactory Reloaded
Modular Powersuits
Thermal Expansion
Thermal Expansion
Applied Energistics
Dimensional Doors
And a lot of smaller mods,

Server Info:

Server hosted in DataCenter on a Dedicated Server in Canada near USA border.
Online 24/7.
MyTown Mod for land protection.
Economy, Server shops, Players Market, Rewards, Crates.
Clans, PvP.
Live Maps.

Restricted items list:

We run multiple servers, for details visit our website. All our servers are hosted on dedicated servers in data centers and they are online 24/7.

ich finde diesen server Cool weil es dort regeln gibt und diese auch durchgesetzt werden und alles somit perfect bleibt

- svenska11
Posted 2nd Oct 2021
Very nice server. It has a small, but very friendly community and A LOT of stuff to explore. You like Minecraft? You like space? You like zebras? Than join this server!

There are no zebras though...
Posted 3rd Aug 2021
this server has been very fun to play during my summer holidays, i dont have many issues with it. i hope you find this server as good as i do, because its confusing at first
- SkyPixelHD
The server replied:
Hi, thanks for review, if you can place a happy face on this review we will really appreciate it. Thanks!
Posted 12th Jul 2021
I've been loving this server since i started playing. its so fun and cool to explore and find new stuff, while still talking to people in chat sometimes. quite chill, i would recommend this server to anyone who has a couple friends to play with

- dresz092
Posted 12th Jul 2021
only just started but really happy with how it is would and have recommended
Posted 7th Jul 2021
I've been having a lot of fun in this server.
The modpack brings together some of the best mods from the Minecraft community for automating, industrializing and powering your worlds.
Also, the people is helpful and respectful.
- scrooge
Posted 27th Jun 2021
Seems like a really great server and it is populated.
However i miss some guides to for example towns and so on. have been looking on the forum cant really seem to find any.

But overall a really nice server, keep up the good work.

- Kapslow
Posted 13th Jun 2021
Great server. Good community.
Posted 5th May 2021
Very well hosted and playable tekkit server. Easy to get started with towns and the mod pack. The Reward system is very helpful.
Posted 12th Apr 2021
Been enjoying my playtime on this server :)
Posted 4th Mar 2021
Its a great server, the people on there are nice and helpfull, and it seems like a great community. -iwatchtwitch
Posted 25th Feb 2021
this server is very fun. i have always wanted to get back into tekkit but was always bored playing alone. this server has a friendly environment and the staff is amazing as well

my in game is Bossing_it so if anyone joins feel free to msg me and i will help you get started in any way i can
Posted 24th Feb 2021
Good sever been playing on it for almost a week now lots of helpful players -Cadle17
Posted 24th Feb 2021
Username: Samb9302

Played for a couple of days and really enjoying it. All-round good server.
Posted 23rd Feb 2021
Username: Haaken13
If you're looking for a nice community that's actually helpful with information and guidance this is a really nice server. I don't see much staff around, but those i see always help. People are humorous and there's often banter in the chat. The crate system makes it very fun to play and a nice way to get some of those resources you really want, but don't want to grind for, or some that are just nice to have laying around.

Sometimes the server lags, but the server resets make it much better. Overall its a pretty good server, def recommend.
Posted 17th Feb 2021
IGN: Franse_Friet

Just started playing, but the people here seem very friendly!
Posted 9th Feb 2021
Ign: Acrillx
This server is amazing.
I love this server so much its the most fun i have had in a long time.
Posted 1st Feb 2021
Username: Jackles1978
This Server Is a Great Place To Build and Survive With Teammates And Has Plenty Of Things To Collect/Do! So I Highly Recommend This Server.
Posted 1st Feb 2021
Nice server, nice players :D
Posted 29th Jan 2021
in game name wickedartemis
grate sever ppl are friendly and helpfull
all in all i grate sever
Posted 26th Jan 2021
Nice server, nice staff, nice community.. what to say.. that's the server u want to play on!
Posted 26th Jan 2021
friendly staff and good community. good place for beginers to learn the different mods
Posted 18th Jan 2021
Pretty fun with lots of friendly people
Posted 31st Dec 2020
Overall happy with the server quality, would recommend a better land claim system as claiming chunks is a tad inconvenient. In game name : Diagon
Posted 28th Dec 2020
Server is really chill and fun to play with friends on. I enjoy my time here quite a bit.

In-game-name: kArMa820
Posted 28th Dec 2020