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Tekkit by CraftersLand - [Towns|Clans]

Its really awesome tekkit server and i love playing it

In-game name: Filcek
Posted 10th Aug 2020
I started about a week ago on this server and really enjoy it.

-No lag (at least on my client)


- A way to learn about the modpack with friends

My gt is TheNova124 if you wanna join and come join my town and have fun.
Posted 16th Jul 2020
The server community is a great one you can always rely on! :D
IGN: PandaBlaze
Posted 8th Jul 2020
Bel server peccato per i crash
Posted 5th Jul 2020
very friendly people fun server toplay on can be a bit laggy sometimes
IGM: MoMoIsEdgy69
Posted 29th Jun 2020
Joined, was basically ignored. No "Welcome", no "Hey there!", nothing. RTP didn't work, kept spawning me in the middle of people's bases. When I mentioned so, was ignored. Asked why /kit food only gave you a piece of bread and a single pork-chop in 1.6.4, you know, the update where the food bar was consumed in 4 seconds. Was continuously ignored by staff before I finally gave up and left. 0/10 would not recommend.
Posted 27th Jun 2020
IGN: Ahowie19
Played on this server for over 100 hours now and I love it. Great staff and everyone is willing to help if you need it.
Posted 23rd Jun 2020
It is very fun yum yum epic playtime fun fun yay epic minecraft pewdiepie ninja fortnite funnies compilation good servery horray
ING: IBX3671
Posted 23rd Jun 2020
IGN: TheForgottenDead
I have joined this server with my friends and have had nothing but fun playing on this server with the challenge of getting to space and the early game struggle truly makes this server wonderfull!
Posted 23rd Jun 2020
IGN: Creeperkillrs
This server has brought me and my friend Lots of enjoyment during the quarantine period and allowing us an escape form the outside world when it is at its worst. the staff and community could not be more welcoming and kind and there is just a great atmosphere about the whole server. The server includes great features such as vote party which is when 100 people vote everyone on the server is awarded with keys that give u items to help u further progress. i love this server a lot and i truly believe you will too
Posted 17th Jun 2020
IGN: naitsabes2004

I really enjoy this server. The staff is just amazing. I have been playing on this server for 21 hours and I still love it!
Posted 12th Jun 2020
Ign: WaqoJaqo

This server has brought me and my friend happiness during the quarentine period and allowed us an escape for the outside world when it is at its worst...

the staff and commubntiy could not be more welcoming and kind and there is just agreat atomsphere about the whole server

The server includes great features such as vote party which is when 100 people vote everyone on the server is awarded with keys that give u items to help u further progress.

All in all crafterland is a great server for anyone looking for a great time

Server Address:
Posted 11th Jun 2020
The server is the best Tekkit server to play with other people
I always rely on second opinions to help my progress which is great as all the staff are nice and respond really well to any issues.
I love the idea of the market to help boost your progress with in game money you can earn

IGN- ___Mr___
Posted 9th Jun 2020
Its very nice server i enjoy it so much i playaed it for 10 hours in the past 2 days

IGN: Gorki_15
Posted 5th Jun 2020
worth a look. helpful players and fast repsonce time from the server. small tightnit playerbase. get on get chatting and say hi
also for starting out check the market its a god send!
IGN - obrycee
Posted 5th Jun 2020
Great and responsive staff, helpful people and fun all around.

IGN: Sphaericus
Posted 2nd Jun 2020
Only started playing a couple days ago, but loving the server and the way it's setup. The market makes it easy to get going but not too easy late game, and makes it so that you are able to progress at a fun, but not too fast pace. The community is really nice, and also helpful. I've already spent a lot of time playing on the server. It's a lot of fun and I thoroughly enjoy the server.

IGN: xt9
Posted 30th May 2020
This server is a nice small chill place to hang out and spend time with friends
Posted 27th May 2020
This is a great server, It adds a hole new level of creativity to Minecraft and everyone on their including staff is very friendly.

IGN: Eggnog98
Posted 26th May 2020
AlwaysChilln- I had not played minecraft on PC in years, this is the first server I chose. It was 100% worth it, lots of cool mods, and donators. People are generous and will help you out almost anytime. I dont plan on leaving anytime soon.
Posted 24th May 2020
Great game to grind out with friends on your spare time. Has a whole knew level of creativity. Overall great game :L

IGN - Grin_Reaper__
Posted 21st May 2020
Hi my name is Bubumon and I can honestly say this is a great server people are friendly and give you help to get you started and the mods are friendly. It is easily one of the best servers I've ever been on though I do say that at the start the whole mod-pack was a bit new to me I got quickly settled in.
Posted 21st May 2020
Ive been a member for quite awhile and have found the server to be active and stable, and the staff to be helpful.

IGN Shawny_Boy
Posted 19th May 2020
One of the best tekkit servers out there you can play, barely any items are banned, low ping whats not to love! also the players very kind in helping out ANY new player such as myself i was helped alot. super fun and full of many things to do. you can make bases look really nice as the world is massive and not crampt like the others. Number 1 Tekkit Server!, find me in game    TeamJCJ <----- thats me!

Posted 13th May 2020
Really good server, no lag easy to start, great staff always wanting to help.
player base one of the most friendliest ive seen on a mc server. is a must play if fan of tekkit.

IGN: DeniedEko
Posted 9th May 2020