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Server Now Open!

Come and join an oldschool tekkitserver, with up to date fixes and plugins.

Only banned items are teleport pipes and anchors are restricted to ranks.

All players welcome and staff ranks are open!

This server is great fun and has a nice community. The staff is very friendly and helpful, but they aren't online all that often. Especially during the later parts of the night/early morning. The rules are fair and the spawn is very nicely done. Overall, this is a fantastic server to play on.
Posted 8th Jul 2017
During my time on this server I have had quite a few fun experiences. The have found the staff to be very helpful, although they are not always online. I also like the companies on the server that allow you to form groups. However I do not like the fact that they are saying they have no banned items while having a few. But I have not found myself held back by not being able to use those items so it has not effected me badly :)
Posted 2nd May 2017
Great server :) Fun mini-games, good spawn/other builds... All around, very nice.
Posted 1st May 2017
This server is equipped with the finest staff. They are extremely helpful and cooperative. No hesitation from staff at all. The experience was enjoyable. Thanks!
Posted 1st May 2017
Server is alright. Decent community and everything. There ARE banned items though, the advertisement is a lie
Posted 29th Apr 2017
This is the best choise!
Amazing Staff, Amazing Community! Absolutely Love It!
The Rank System is perfect. Very few banned items, all with good reasons behind the banning.
The Staff are so friendly, especially Owner (Jack)
Love this server!
I recommend this server!
Posted 9th Apr 2017