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XTekkit a new exciting tekkit server! It a legit server and even the owner plays legit with the normal players!

We use special plugins to keep you safe from cheaters but have plenty do! Our main plugin to prevent grief is 'Watchblock' This plugin protects any block you place from being Broken,Placed on or next to! However if you trust an friend and want them to help then do /wallow {name} This will let them edit your blocks if you don't want them to edit your blocks anymore do /wremove!

Helpful commands normal players can use:
/help-Gives a list of commands what you can do!
/spawn-Teleports you to spawn!
/tpa-Sends a teleport request to a player! They can accept with /tpaccept or deny it with /tpdeny

Please join today! Server up not all day! Time plan coming soon!

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