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CookieCraft | Factions PVP |Tekkit Skyblock!


CookieCraft is a Faction PVP Tekkit server. Griefing is allowed. The server has a shop. We do have Playershops on the server, so if you have the money, you can rent a zone and sell your items/stuff.
If you have any problems feel free to ask the Staff for help.

The server has /rankup where you need money to rankup and receive a new Rank/Prefix and a new kit.
Rankup prices:

Builder: 12.500
Engineer: 31.000
Professional: 155.000
Master: 200.000
Legendary: 700.000
Godlike: 1.200.000
Ultimate: 5.000.000

Server rules:
[1] No Dupelication Glitches Or Any Kind Of Hacks!
[2] Respect Everyone
[3] Always Listen And Obey The Staff
[4] No Laggy Or Big EMC Farms! They will get removed!
[5] Do Not Ask The Staff For Items, Money Or Ranks!
[6] No Advertising!
[7] No Offensive Language!
[8] Only English Or Danish In The Main Chat
[9] No Drop Parties!
[10] No AFK Pools Or Devices!

Breaking Any Of the Rules Above Will Lead To Punishment!

You are able to donate on this server. Here are the prices:

VIP 1 = $10
VIP 2 = $20
VIP 3 = $40

10.000 In game currency = $2
23.000 In game currency = $4
31.000 In game currency = $5
75.000 In game currency = $8
150.000 In game currency = $10
225.000 In game currency = $15
900.000 In game currency = $35

Custom Nickname = $2,5
Custom Warp = $15

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