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Anathea - A Better Tekkit!


A Tekkit Dedicated hosted server, Active community, Great Staff and minimal banned items allowing you to fully experience Tekkit.

We Offer PvP, PvE, and a PvP Arena! Coming soon is also a Mob Arena!

Grief Prevention Claims protect you from PvP and PK allowing you to have a PvE experience. Outside of Claims is for players seeking a more challenging PvP Tekkit experience.

Voting rewards you with 8 Diamonds, $10 and 400 Claim blocks! There is a chance of lucky votes as well which allow you to earn even more resources!
Auto Rank allows new players to advance with time played to acquire new perks and items! 9 timed based Ranks in total for tons of items to be earned!
We also have Custom Plugins to help track and eliminate people breaking the rules. So you know your playing among players just like you!

We have a Discord and Teamspeak! Come join the community and have a blast!

We are constantly reducing the Banned Items List so players can play a more fulling Tekkit!

The main page states, "We are constantly reducing the Banned Items List so players can play a more fulling Tekkit!" Over the past months, the banned items list has only grown. Additionally, the staff is extremely rude and lacks proper courtesy. This would be expected since 95% of the 'staff' is inactive, and the other 5% consists of 16 year olds. The community is no better. Granted, there are some generous and kind souls, albeit they're tiny minority. Furthermore, certain players like to 'mini-mod' (pretend to be staff). This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but those who do mini-mod are horrible at it; their terrible attitude is on par with those of the admins, so they might fit right in to be honest. On the 2nd of December, 2017, the server crashed. It took 5 days for the issue to be resolved due to an inactive owner and ineffective communication amongst staff. The way the gameplay and implementation work is a bit odd as well. Anathea has an auto-rank up system, and it is completely messed up. Apparently, 'commoner' is the lowest rank, but 'peasant' is the rank above. After 'peasant' is 'serf' or indentured servant (basically a slave). Another reason why I dislike Anathea's system is the limitations of claims. You cannot claim land on the moon, mars, nether, end, deep dark, or space stations; you can't claim anywhere that is not the Overworld. In addition to that, all dimensions reset every month... apparently. The admins are a bit lazy and reset them whenever they feel like. Nevertheless, these resets mean no moon bases, martian colonies, nether castles, or end fortresses. Oh, and there is high latency or lag. To summarize, the server runs on a potato; the staff are a bunch of uncourteous 16 year olds; the auto-rank system is basically an insult; the claiming mechanics are atrocious, and the dimension resets are a pain.

TL;DR : To summarize, the server runs on a potato; the staff are a bunch of uncourteous 16 year olds; the auto-rank system is basically an insult; the claiming mechanics are atrocious, and the dimension resets are a pain
Posted 7th Dec 2017
After over 2 years of being a member of this server, a former admin, and by far their most generous supporter. The new administration treats me like garbage. I've donated almost 200 dollars to help keep this server running almost double the next person by far. I've never once had an issue until I met the new admins. The old owner doesn't run the place anymore and doesn't seem to interested or willing to do anything about this.
Posted 27th Jun 2017
i wont let me connect to the server and i have stable wifi
Posted 14th Jun 2017
I already pay $30 for an account, I WILL NOT PAY $5 FOR CREATIVE MODE!!!
Posted 30th Apr 2017
I have played on this server for many years and I think it's a great server. Sharp staff who are quick to help if there are issues. Very nice owner who taught me a lot about tekkit!
Posted 18th Mar 2017
This server is ok. The main issue I have is staff always in your business. The owner is a bad owner. Always breaking EULA with the junk they sell on their website. Report them.
Better off joining condemned server were they don't take donations.
Posted 16th Mar 2017
The staff is really nosey, always teleporting to you and confiscating items they don't think you've earned legitimately, then issue bans. There's an average of 3 bans a day, and a lot of confiscation and bad moderation. The owner once banned someone for having a reactor too big (3/4's of one chunk).

It lags a lot as well, about 3 times per minute, although it never crashes. Otherwise, the server is fine, and pretty stable.
The server replied:
I do apologize about your poor experience. I would be more than happy to make it up to you. Please feel free to PM me on our website or if you joined our discord PM me there and I would like to fix the issues you had experience with.

Thank you!
Posted 24th Jan 2017
By far the greatest Tekkit server I have ever played on! Great community.
Posted 16th Jan 2017
Extremely happy with the staff :) So kind and amazing server to play on, spent over 5 hours donated such an amazing server :)
Posted 16th Jan 2017
Anathea is a great server. Lag is very little. The community is very nice. Amazing staff and helpers. Overall a lot of fun when it comes to tekkit.

IGN: BlueMiner2012
Posted 15th Jan 2017
I've had a very unpleasant time on this server, It is the same as The Condemned, A very nasty community, the plugin that wipes your inventory is awful "ModifyWorld" I will not return here.
The server replied:
I do apologize about your poor experience. I wish you would have posted on the forums about the issue with your inventory and the people causing a bad community for you to play in. I would have had no problem refunding your items and dealing with the people being bothersome.

Thank you.
Posted 7th Jan 2017
The SErver block lag is horrible. Besides that staff is ok. Non english speaker spamming in chat.

Spawn 4 of 5 stars
Block lag and rubber banding 2 of 5 stars
Chat moderation 1 of 5 stars
Starting kit 5 of 5 stars
Friendly atmosphere 2 of 5
Staff help and speed answering questions 3 of 5

Over all a mediocre experience.
Will i return, no i wont and i wont recommend this server either.
The server replied:
I do apologize about the experience you had, I was un-aware we have block lag. Where you by chance on at peak time? (25+ people). This server is hosted in the states so if you are from afar there of course will be delay.

As for the chat, there is only so much I can do when I am away. If the chat was that bad and players where being rude/disrespectful a simple forum post or PM on discord could have handled the situation in a very fast manner.

I would like to know what I could do to make a better experience for you and the other players that come to enjoy this server. Can I ask as to why you left?
Posted 4th Jan 2017
The server is nice, there is minimal lag, the owner is nice and tries to help out whenever SHE can, the people are nice, the shop is helpful and unique with its currency, not many servers use the same thing. and the people on the server are generally nice and like to help out when they can. This server is one of the best tekkit servers out there.

P.S. its voting is cool too.
Posted 27th Nov 2016
epic server the owner works rilly hard to make it fun
Posted 17th Aug 2016
I always see on tekkit servers many banned items or mods; but this only has mods or items banned that aren't needed and have replacements. There are restricted items, however, but I have no problem at all with restricted items, there isn't much that is restricted, and you can easily unlock most of them, unlike lots of servers I've seen where either playing for a very long time you unlock things, or you donate a lot of money. There is also a nice community, and I like how emeralds are currency - because of the community, emeralds aren't even only used in the server shop, but in trading with players. A great server overall.
Posted 16th Aug 2016
I got banned the second I joined. Not good.
Posted 7th Aug 2016