This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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DauntTek Tekkit Modern


Welcome to DauntTek!

This server is part of the DauntTek TriForce, a collection of three servers (Classic/Modern Tekkit and Hexxit). This listing is specifically for the latest version of Tekkit!

We have just launched this server as part of our new TriForce plan, it operates 24/7 with unlimited ram and player slots! We have almost no lag, great staff and very few rules and banned items. Give us a shot today!


  • No Spam (Excessive caps, advertising, generally being a tool)
  • No Hacks (Modified clients, stolen usernames etc)
  • No Offensive Building (You like dicks, we get it, but keep it out of the server!)
  • No Arguing With Admins (Don't agree? Message me directly)
  • No Griefing Admin Land (As in, dont mess with Spawn, Markets etc)
  • This IS A Raid Server! (Don't complain if your poor protection gets pwned)

Banned Items:

  • Plasma Cannon Module (Bypasses protection)
  • TNT (Lets leave the explosions to the creepers shall we?)
  • ComputerCraft (Entirely banned due to repeated issues causing server crashes, available to VIP on request)
  • WarHammer (Bypasses protection)
  • BattleAxe (Bypasses protection)
  • Cannon (So many reasons...)
  • Anchors (ANY kind of chunk loaders, available to VIP/Admins on request)

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