This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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GAWD's PvP Tekkit Server

This is a server that is currently running tekkit on minecraft 1.2.5. Tekkit is a mod that will allow the players to utalize amazing new contraptions, machines, armors, weapons, and more. To get this mod you may either google "Tekkit" or you may click this link.


  1. This is a PvP Server, do NOT complain
  2. No hacking, greifing, glitch abuse, ect
  3. Dont break spawn, its easy to fix anyway
  4. No spamming or begging for items
  5. No working with hackers or advertising
  6. Only steal or grief if the player is ONLINE

To get on the whitelist you must submit this information
Minecraft Username
Opinion of server after you're on the whitest

Donation Info
On this server you have the ability to donate if you wish, and if you donate you will receive a new title, name color, and some items. To donate go to

Green Name
Helper status
5 Dark matter

10 USD
Blue Name
Donator Status
5 Red matter

15 USD
Red Name
Contributor status
10 Red matter

20 USD
Gold Name
Philanthropist status
25 Iridium

25 USD
Purple Name
Benefactor status
25 Iridium
25 Red matter
25 Uranium
Nano armor
1 Nuke


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