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HyperGaming - Tekkit Classic [Staff Wanted]


HyperGaming is an upcoming gaming community that is looking to expand to more than just one modpack, we are now looking for staff on our tekkit classic server. If you are interested hop on our server and ask people " How do i become staff " They will ask you to go to our forums and apply on there :)

We are mainly looking for:

  • Builders
  • Moderators
  • Head Moderator
  • Discord Moderators
  • Admins
  • Head Admin

These ranks will be given out to our most promising applications. If you really want to become a huge part in HyperGaming's community. We ,might promote you to staff on our other modpacks :)

Thanks for your time.

forums isn't save. it gives error message and tells me that there are attackers who want to steal private info: passwords etc. make safe forum, or let people apply here. and i want to apply. but i can't right now. because of the forums.
Posted 4th Jun 2017
The server is awesome! </3
Posted 2nd Jun 2017