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FL1GHT5 Network


Hello and Welcome to FL1GHT5 Network - Attack Of The B-Team Server

This server is hosted and run by a university student in Ontario, Canada.

Server Specs: 64GB Ram, 1TB SSD Storage, Intel Core i7 8th Gen Quad-Core Processor.
Network: PortForwarding using High-Speed internet, Unlimited Upload/Download 5G.

  • There are amazing voting rewards using a personally custom coded plugin
  • Awesome AutoRanking perks
  • Fun Purchase Ranks (not a pay to play, but a pay to more fun)
  • I don't believe in punishing players for cheating or glitching. I believe that if I don't want such things to be done on my server, then I should work to remove it or restrict its usage.
  • if you are looking for a fun server that doesn't ruin the point of the game, then this is the right server for you!
  • only abused items (ones that may crash server/duplication are banned)
  • items that may grief other player's work are restricted.
    *Restricted means: you can use the items elsewhere but not near someone's claim.

I'm FL1GHT5 Owner of the server
Join the discord server to keep up with alerts.

** Staff Application are ALWAYS open!

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