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War for Adrade, Choose your side!

City of Aurora
Choosing A Class
Trading Town

[Tekkit 1.1.8][mcMMO][Economy][CustomRaces][MagicSpells][Towny][PvP][PvE]

TO JOIN, SET THE TECHNIC LAUNCHER TO USE RECOMMENDED BUILD (this is the version of tekkit with GalatiCraft fyi)!!! YOU MUST BE IN TEKKIT 1.1.8!!!!!!

We have our own lore, set on the continent of Adrade, choose a kingdom to pledge your allegiance, then choose your race! each race has different skills to help define who they are. Then help your kingdom grow! OR be a wanderer but be careful of enemy kingdom. Join into alliance with your friends, crush your enemies and bring glory to the side of your choosing!

Double as classes as each have their own skills.

II HighElf I
Heal Able to heal yourself. II
Leap A mighty jump! II
Stealth Becomes invisible to mobs for a short time. III
HumanMage I
Freeze Fires a barrage of snowballs damaging and slowing the target. II
Empower Makes spells more powerful for a short time. II
Cripple Slows target. II
Farm Plants seeds in tilled ground around you. II
Undead I
Minion Summon an undead minion to fight for you! II
Silence Stops the opponent from being able to attack for a short time. II
Purge Kills all mobs in a radius around the caster. II
Drainlife Steals health from target to heal yourself. II

II HumanKnight I
Armor Buffs your armor for a short time, making you more durable. II
Food Get yourself some noms! II
Roar Causes all nearby mobs to aggro to you. II
Dwarf I
Dowse Check your near by surroundings for iron ore. II
Stonevision Lets you see through nearby stone for a short time. II
ForcePush Give them A good ol' dwarf smack. II
DragonKin I
Volley Fire a barrage of arrows. II
Explosivearrow Does exactly how it sounds. II
Armor Buffs your armor for a short time. II
Heal Able to heal yourself. II

III Do not grief members of the same kingdom, the opposite side is fair game. III
No hacking, duping or cheating in anyway! Any cheat/hack clients are not allowed! III
No spamming of any kind. III
Do not advertise other servers. III
Do not leave floating trees. III
Do not ask for hand outs. III

Disabled mods:
Dimensional Doorways
Dimensional Anchors
Restricted Items:
MystCraft books to one per person, to spot potential spamming of worlds.
Quarries, drills and other large mining machines are restricted to a mining world that resets often to keep the flow of minerals coming.

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